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Configure E-Mail Client for AOLŪ
Outlook Express Mail Settings (AOL) 
  1. Goto the Tools menu and select Accounts
  2. Click the Add -> Mail button
  3. Select "POP3" and click next
  4. Fill in your name and e-mail address (myaolscreenname@aol.com)
  5. Fill in the blanks as seen below.

    Incoming mail server (POP3): localhost (or or your network computer name)

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    smtp.aol.com OR localhost
    eMail2Pop offers two options for your outgoing mail.  Both options send your mail through the AOL server and do not rely on other services.
    * Choose smtp.aol.com for best mail compatibility and accurate mail sending.  AOL's mail server may be unavailable once in a while or cause your mail to be delivered slower than usual.  Note that AOL will tag your outgoing message with your actual internet IP address.  If you receive a connection failure, go to your Outlook account's Advanced Properties and change the SMTP port number from 25 to 587.
    * Choose localhost if you would like eMail2Pop to send all your mail for you.  Use this option if the above server smtp.aol.com fails, is unavailable, or if your non-AOL ISP blocks access to the AOL SMTP server.  This option also provides additional privacy by hiding your actual internet IP address.

  6. Click next and fill in your AOL screen name (no spaces) and your password.

  7. Once complete, go back to the Internet Accounts window, select localhost and click Properties
  8. Under the General Tab, you may rename localhost to a more descriptive name (AOL e-mail account, for example)
  9. Head over to the Servers Tab and check "My server requires authentication"

  10. Now you're ready to send and receive!
  11. Go to Instructions for Spam Filter Configuration (required if you are using the Spam Filtering function in eMail2Pop)

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