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Configure E-Mail Client for Google Gmail™
Outlook Express Mail Settings (Gmail) 
  1. Goto the Tools menu and select Accounts
  2. Click the Add -> Mail button
  3. Select "POP3" and click next
  4. Fill in your name and e-mail address (myemail@gmail.com)
  5. Fill in the blanks as seen below.

    Incoming mail server (POP3): localhost (or or your network computer name)
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP): localhost (same as POP3)

  6. Click next and fill in your AOL screen name (no spaces) and your password.

  7. Once complete, go back to the Internet Accounts window, select localhost and click Properties
  8. Under the General Tab, you may rename localhost to a more descriptive name (Gmail mail account, for example)
  9. Head over to the Servers Tab and check "My server requires authentication"

  10. Click OK and close the Accounts menu.  Proceed to Step 2 to configure Outlook Express' sorting functions (required).
    Setup Part 2 - Rules Wizard  (This section required only once per computer)
  1. Start by going to the Tools menu,
    Select Message Rules,
    Select Mail

    Outlook Express XP/6.0 Message Rules Window

  2. In the Message Rules window, click New
  3. In the New Mail Rule window, under Select the Conditions for your rule, check Where the From line contains people
  4. Under Select the Actions for your rule, checkDelete it and Stop processing more rules (you may need to scroll down to see it)
  5. Under Rule Description, click on contains people
  6. In the Type Specific Words window, enter delete@delete.del (double-check for accuracy and capital letters)
  7. Click Add, and then OK
  8. Click OK to close the Mail Rule Window, and then OK once more to close the Message Rules Window
  9. If you are using eMail2Pop's Spam Filter:
       Go to Instructions for Spam Filter Configuration
    (required if you are using the Spam Filtering function in eMail2Pop)
  10. Setup is complete!  Enjoy Gmail POP3 service!

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